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 Dating for Seniors

Dating for Senior

Dating for Seniors

Dating for Seniors

About US


                             or the online dating industry is about ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL approach of the mega online dating company which may not be the best way to help most single seniors find what they are looking for. There is always a better way to do things simple. Times change and we have to change with them, but in reality there are lots of single seniors who are struggling to adapt the new way of looking for love nowadays in South Florida and across the United States. Single seniors do not typically believe in going online to find love or chart with others. Most of them do not want to lock in an annually contract. They want a safe, an old- fashioned and a simple online dating for seniors that is easy to access like casino. PLAY BY PAY! 


For big online dating company, it is a matter most single seniors take the status quo the way it is or stay lonely because dating for seniors can be old-fashioned ways. Single seniors (YOU) are alone, but you are not lonely because you have yourself and eSeniors LLC. Late fall 2014, Yvon Etienne, MBA, a safety expert, a former adult protective investigator/safety specialist, an eSeniors Co-Founder and Dr. Lissa S. Sanchez want to change the odd against lonely seniors by creating a novel dating service in a safest or an old-fashioned way to help local single seniors to find love of their retirement. As a result, eSeniors was created to help lonely seniors to find a sweetheart. Several local single seniors have already found their suitable soulmate at eSeniors LLC. "People that have a good soulmate and have sex live longer" according to geriatrics expert Dr. Waltrer M. Bortz, 70, a professor at Stanford Medical School. SINGLE SENIORS GET IN THE SIMPLE DATING GAME! AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! USE YOUR SEX LIFE or LOSE IT! IF NOT NOW, WHEN?


On fall 2011, the company co-founder was working on an adult protective investigation case in Tamarac. There, he met an 81 years-old woman named Ms. Milca Gubertein who her husband was passed away three years ago. On May 2013, the eSeniors co-founder received a phone call from her after they lost contact for awhile. She introduced him to her family. Finally, a new bond was created between them.They become very good friend. On November 2013, she asked eSeniors Co-founder to help her to find a boyfriend. The eSeniors Co-Founder thought she was joking because of her age. On April 2014, she asked him again to help her to find a boyfriend. Then, Mr. Etienne believed for real that she really needed a boyfriend at 85 years old. People will never be too old to enjoy their sex life. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! 

Finally, eSeniors Co-Founder talked to his best friend Dr. Lisa S. Sanchez about her requested. Dr. Sanchez knew a single man who his wife was passed away too. We secretly communicated with both of them separately. On October 2014, Mr. Etienne arranged a field strip visit for her to the HardRock Casino. There, she met with the 76 years-old man. Then, they dated each other for two months. They became boyfriend/ girlfriend on December 20, 2014. Ms. Milca is happier now than ever. Ms. Milca told the eSeniors Co-Founder that she don't want any other single seniors in Broward to endure her loneliness moment. In addition, Ms. Milca said, "Single seniors want something old-fashion and safe that is different from all other online dating companies". She urged him to create a dating for seniors or an old-fashioned online dating to help single seniors find love of their retirement. We can help you-single seniors find love again in an old fashioned way. Just contact us or visit our website: and follow those 3 simple steps. Say Goodbye to Loneliness!


Many of us believe single Granma or Granpa(s) are completely happy because they do not have to worry about anything in life but not really. Single seniors are entitled to be happy, but they cannot get a boyfriend or girlfriend when they are old. AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! Numerous researches have been shown that seniors who have sex at least twice a week will be more unlikely to have a heartache. They live longer! If seniors stay interested, stay healthy, stay off medications, and have a good soulmate, they can have good sex all the way to the end of life. We all know clearly that most single seniors want something old fashion to find a soulmate. No one is there for them in the old fashioned way to help them find a love of their retirement. We, eSeniors, are dating for seniors' solution for local single seniors. We guarantee you will find what you are looking for.


Who We Are

We are launched on the Web in December 2014. eSeniors is the safest and the most protective online dating company for local single seniors. After observing the online dating industry failed to reach certain group of single seniors for many years, we have learned more about what most single seniors want and created an holistic and old-fashioned way to bring local single seniors in South Florida together. Dating for seniors can be old-fashioned way too. We create romantic opportunities for local single seniors who are less likely to find someone special.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help local single seniors find compatible relationship they are looking for in a safest way. IF NOT NOW, WHEN?  

How It Works

At eSeniors, we give local single seniors the opportunity to express themselves through various communications sections. K.I.S.S. = KEEP IT SIMPLE SENIORS! Play by Pay!  Please contact us at our Contact US page for more details!

A Letter From The President

Welcome to,

I am Yvon Etienne,MBA, President of the eSeniors Dating and creator of this website.

eSeniors is the substitute for other online dating  for seniors' companies that make seniors' life harder to find a good sweetheart in their local community across United States due to too much complication.

I am very confident that our service is right for you. If you become a full member today, I will guarantee all seniors will have fun and you will be happier tomorrow than today! eSeniors is the best dating for single seniors. Just try eSeniors today and you will never be lonely again!

Purchase any eSeniors Dating Guarantee Package and experience an unforgettable pleasure to remember or I will give you your money back.

We strongly believe we truly have solution for lonely seniors in our community. Our service or website is 100% safe, communication can be completely anonymous and now with the Guarantee Package, absolutely risk free. So start now and change your life today! Should you have any questions or comments about us, please contact us freely !




Yvon Etienne            

Yvon Etienne, MBA

Dr.  L. Seidel

Dr.  S. Seidel

Dating for seniors

Dating for Seniors

Best Dating for Seniors

Dating for Seniors


dating for seniors

Age is just a number Granma!















dating for seniors

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eSeniors LLC is the best

 dating for seniors.

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