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# 1 Senior Online Dating

eSeniors Advice Standards


By using or posting on our site all seniors agree to all of the following Standards, our Policies & Practices  and the eSeniors LLC Terms of Service,  which are designed to create a welcoming, friendly and supportive atmosphere in our senior communities. Our policies are subject to change, so please check back occasionally.


1. Be Safe. Safety is first! While we are working tireless to insure the safety of our seniors, each member must put his/her safety as the first priority when using eSeniors Website or communicating after begining dating each other. Be Cautious! Be Patient!


2. Protect seniors' properties or wealth or privacy. To avoid abuses, all seniors above should inform their children or families when planning to marry any potential  soulmate to protect their wealth or assets or to sign a pre-neup if necessary to prevent any legal problems or to comply with Florida or other states laws.


3.  Be respectful and kind. Personal attacks or hate speech will not be tolerated. When giving advice to other Members, please remember that honesty and kindness are NOT mutually exclusive.


4. Be welcoming, especially to newer members. It’s tough being the new and lonely senior on the community. Please be especially kind and welcoming to newcomers. Anyone being rude to new members will be reprimended. Play Sweet and Nice!


5. Keep it simple seniors (KISS). Profane language or photos, or attempts to bypass our moderation system will result in suspension of our services. Each member must stay anonymous until feels confident to share personal information about his or her potential match. Phone call will be allowed  before the first face-to-face meeting. 


6. Do not post materal containing or encouraging spam, advertising, fraudulent/ illegal activity or personally identifiable information on our website (phone number or email, etc.). This includes potentially libelous or defamatory postings, material posted in potential breach of copyright, or any post encouraging violation of the eSeniors Advice Standards or eSeniorsTerms of Service.  Any such postings will be removed.


7. Respect the eSeniors staff. We appreciate all legitimate concerns and feedback about our service and website while any call or post containing derogatory comments about eSeniors staff is considered a personal attack will be removed and will be tolerated. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated!


8. Do your best to communicate as clearly as possible.  Be aware that you may be misunderstood, so try to be very clear about what you are saying.


Members who persistently ignore our Dating Advice Standards, Policies and Practice or eSeniors LLC Terms of Service will have their membership privileges on eSeniors Advice revoked. Memebers can be held liable for abuses under Florida Laws or other states. This is not an action that we take lightly or arbitrarily. However, our mission is to create and maintain a positive experience for all seniors or members that we reserve. Prior to any banning, when possible the participant will be warned and given a chance to adhere to our standards. We reserve the right to ban a user without prior notification but depending on the circumstances and the severity of the offense.


Our goal is to create and maintain a safe, a pleasant and a welcoming environment for all seniors in our community. We reserve the right to remove any post, or Member whom we deem to be in violation of our dating advice standards.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation in following our eSeniors Advice Standards.


 We hope no one will never use a quote or word that is embarrassing, endangering or

inflammatory. You are special!



Please be aware of these common red flags when you are learning about someone new. Watch out for someone who:

  • Tells you that do not inform your friend or family member about this potential match

  • Immediately requests to talk or chat on other email plattform

  • Tells you to sell your property to go gambling or cruising or transfering money on his/her name

  • Keep all secret. You must inform your son/daughter whether agreeing or not! Nothing to hide!

  • Asks for money, goods or any assistance, especially if you have never met in person

  • Asks you to assist with personal transactions (depositing funds, shipping merchandise, etc).

  • Wants the relationship to progress faster than you are comfortable going.

  • Reports a sudden personal crisis and pressures you to provide financial assistance. Be especially wary if the person’s demands become increasingly aggressive

  • Asks inappropriate questions

  • Requests your home or work address under the guise of sending flowers or gifts

  • Tells inconsistent or grandiose stories

  • Gives vague answers to specific questions

  • Urges you to compromise your principles

  • Constantly blames others for troubles in his or her life

  • Disappears suddenly from the site then reappears under a different name

  • Tries to manupulate you too quickly


If a match does any of the above suspicious activities, please make a Report Concern at or go to the Contact US page to inform us about this matter to investigate it.






  • Safety is not an accident! As eSeniors Co-founder is a safety expert and former (safety specialist/adult protective investigator) and inform all seniors that " No one cannot control hazards if measures are not applied." Even though eSeniors is working tireless to protect its seniors membership, but there is no substitute for acting with caution when communicating with any stranger who wants to meet you. You (seniors) are in control of your online dating experience at all times. These are the following precautions all seniors should follow:

  • 1. Remain anonymous until you feel ready

  • 2. Guard your identity

  • 3. Don't share your full name, personal phone numbers, email address, home address, place of work or any other identifying information while chatting or messaging on the site until you have established a reasonable level of trust with the other party. We urge you not to meet to quickly. If you chose to meet, you should meet in a public place. 

  • 4. Remember, someone who is capable of committing identity theft can falsify an online dating profile

  • 5. NEVER post personal information (Credit Card, Social Security, Bank Account, etc.) and contact information in your profile or Username when communicating online.

  • Protect your online access information.

  • Use caution when accessing your account  (email) from a public or shared computer so that others are not able to view or record your password or other personal information. If you share your computer with others, consider disabling your auto-sign in feature if you have linked an auto log-in program or feature to your gmail  account.

  • Remain anonymous until you feel comfortable.

  • Take advantage of the onsite email feature that protects your identity until YOU choose to reveal it.

  • If you don't want to talk to someone over the phone, just apologize and leave him/her

  • Use a third-party, anonymous email address. As an added safety measure it's always best to use a third party email address for dating purposes.

  • Have your eSeniors emails sent there instead of a personal address

  • Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe or threatened, cease communication immediately and report any misbehavior immediately. Proceed with caution if someone pledges undying love after a few online conversations or first meeting in person. Contact customer service for any additional information

  • Get to know the other person online or over the phone before meeting them offline.

  • Use the tools available ( Messenger & Text) that protect your anonymity to get to know someone before meeting them in person

  • Get as many details about the person as possible by using sources such as internet searches, governmental resources and databases or paying for a background check However, you shouldn't fully rely on the accuracy of background check results because they are not foolproof

  • Avoid people who don't give you straight answers. End communication with someone who talks that seems uncomfortable when you ask them questions. IF YOU DON'T TRUST SOMEONE, DON'T DEAL WITH HIM OR HER..PERIOD????


  • If someone speaks in hushed tones or "has to go" all of a sudden, it may indicate the person is not single, or has something else to hide. NOTHING TO HIDE!

  • Be wary of someone who is vague, won't answer direct questions or can only meet at odd hours.

  • Block abusive users. Block any member who does not treat you with respect. Report any unusual behavior to eSeniors immediately. Stop communicating immediately with anyone who pressures you for personal or financial information

  • You can block anyone and report concerns or terms of use violations from our eSeniors website Contact US page.


Examples of terms of use violations include:

     1. Text that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual

  • 2. Advocate harassment , stalking, or intimidation of another person

  • 3. Abuse other member whether physical, mental, and financial abuses

  • 4. Attach viruses, trojan horses, worms or other harmful, or disruptive codes, components or devices, etc.

  • 5. Conduct all other activities that violate the privacy of the other member

  • 6. Online bullying other members

  • 7. Online trolling

  • 8. Ask member for money or donations

  • 9. All others forms of activities deem to be illegal (fraud, crimes, etc...)

  • 10. Violate all others eSeniors policies

  • 11. Married people or minors using the service

  • 12. Threat others over the phone

  • 13. Etc..


*Please our Terms of Use strictly prohibit the use of this service for the purpose of solicitation. Please notify us immediately if another member sends you links to a pay-to-view site or includes instructions about how to call a 1-800 number.



First meetings are exciting and normally are perfectly safe. SAFETY! SAFETY!

  • Always meet in public. Meet for the first time in a populated, public location - never in a private or remote location

  • Tell a friend. Inform a friend or family member of your plans and when and where you're going. IF SOMEONE TELLS YOU, DON'T TELL ANYBODY. STOP!

  • If you own a mobile phone, make sure you have it with you


  • Drive yourself to and from the first meeting. Just in case things don't work out, you need to be in control of your own ride - even if you take a taxi. Use your aide car!

  • Don't leave personal items unattended

  • You don't want to risk having personal information stolen. If you're drinking, keep your drink with you at all times so it can't be tampered with.

  • Stay in a public place. It is best not to go back to your date's home or bring them back to yours on the first date. If your date pressures you, end the date and leave at once.

  • Be cautious! Have fun seniors and be happy!





  • Use a taxi or rental car to get to and from the airport. Even if the person you're meeting volunteers to pick you up from the airport, do not get into a personal vehicle with someone you've never met.

  • Keep your hotel location confidential

  • You must go to a hotel. If you can't afford a hotel, don't go. DO NOT stay or go to the other person's home

  • The person you are meeting should respect your privacy until you know each other. SAFETY IS FIRST! BE CAUTIOUS!

  • Keep your valuables in the hotel safe. Do not take valuable items with you when meeting someone for the first time

  • Remember to keep your family and friends informed or posted

  • Tell someone who you are meeting, where you are going and when you will return.


                                         HAVE FUN SENIOR

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